Established in 2010, jointly by the Islamic Republic of Iran and Venezuela, Iran-Venezuela Bi-national Bank (IVBB) is the result of an alliance between the Banco Industrial de Venezuela and Iran’s Development and Export Bank (EDBI). The main objective of IVBB is supporting joint economic, industrial and mining projects as well as speeding up the projects between Iran and Venezuela and Latin America. Fully regulated and supervised by the Central Bank of Iran (CBI), IVBB has been active in various areas including offering financial and advisory services to individual and corporate customers. IVBB’s risk framework strictly bans the bank from entering into non-banking operations such as speculating in foreign exchange, commodities and equity markets.

IVBB is a direct bank with no affiliate branch in Iran. It offers its services remotely via online banking and telephone banking. It provides services through ATMs, mail and mobile banking platforms. IVBB is the only branch-less bank in Iran trying to fully offer its services through the digital platforms developed for multipurpose functions. IVBB aspires to turn into a fully digital bank by getting into close cooperation with big fin-tech companies to act as third parties offering services to the customers of the bank based on Bank as a Service (BaaS) model. The ultimate goal IVBB is trying to reach out is reshaping its financial services landscape. 

Since IVBB is a bi-national bank active in assisting businesses and individuals to expand and develop their activities nationwide and worldwide, IVBB’s core business line encompasses both corporate and personal banking.  It provides diverse top-notch and innovative services such as various credit services and facilities which enable customers to grow their businesses more and faster. At the macro-level, this effectively contributes to the expansion of the economy.

IVBB strives to adequately offer cutting-edge services including, but not limited to, full-fledged digital banking services, develop its electronic presence in cyberspace, and turn into a fourth-generation open banking service provider. This way it seeks growth outside its business core and move beyond it.

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