The Board is composed of 8 directors, all of whom are independent. The Board authorizes management to maintain an effective risk management framework and oversees compliance with safe and sound internationally recognized banking practices. In addition, the Board or its committees conduct inquiries of and receive reports from management on risk-related matters to assess scope or resource limitations that could impede the ability of the committees to execute their responsibilities.

IVBB management team consists of executive managers taking care of day-to-day duties of the bank. They hold executive powers delegated to them by the CEO. They ensure the strategies of the bank are implemented successfully and effectively. The following is the list of the management team in IVBB:

Management Strategy

IVBB management team administers and controls the core businesses and functions. The team creates and maintains an active and attractive work place for the employees causing them to work together and achieve the business goals and objectives effectively. The team sticks to the principles of:

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