Digital Banking and Dematerialization                                  

IVBB has always tried to replace traditional and old ways of doing things, which were not either cost-effective or energy-saving, with environmentally friendly methods, which are efficient in terms of saving nature and resources. For instance, IVBB used some electronic substitutes for manual and physical services including E-KYC instead of physical reference to the bank or eliminating paper from almost entire processes of the bank (dematerialization policy). The bank has been turning into digital.


Making Education Easy and Reachable

There are still some educational centers on the outskirts of some cities in Iran that need more attention. To make education easy and reachable for those living in these areas, IVBB donated stationery and other educational facilities to these schools on a quarterly basis in 2020.

Medical Donations

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, the pressure and load of work on the healthcare providers dramatically increased across the globe in 2020. To have a more active role in assisting the healthcare professionals to provide higher quality services to those affected by the virus, IVBB donated medical devices to some hospitals and some non-wage compensations to their medical staff across the country.

Contribution to Re-construction

There were some places in Iran which were stricken by minor earthquakes leading to the destruction of few residential places.  IVBB provided financial assistance to the entities in charge to more quickly reconstruct and rebuild the places having been affected by the earthquakes in those areas. It also granted some interest free loans to the people and businesses that had been adversely affected in the earthquakes.

Poverty Alleviation

Charity and donation boxes were installed on each floor in the headquarters and offices of the bank to help non-profit organizations to raise funds for alleviating poverty in society. This act, based on the statistics provided by the relevant organizations, helped those benefiting from the donations have a higher quality life style. This act was an effective philanthropic measure taken by IVBB as part of a bigger community.

Socially Responsible Investment

IVBB has developed close ties with artists and entertainment professionals to encourage them to be more prolific. IVBB invested in the artworks made by both well-known and young artists and then gave them to the employees of the bank as one part of the occasional non-wage compensations, mandated in the bank’s Article of Association. This positive investing was welcome by both the employees and the top management of the bank.

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